Once upon a time,
there were two Kingdoms...

The Kingdom of the Moon...

And the Kingdom of the Sun...

The Queen of the Kingdom of the Moon, Séléna, has two daughters.

the eldest

the youngest

Princess of the Kingdom of the Moon
Intrepid and adventurous
Roxane acts like a real tomboy.

Her little sister Lily is graceful and excitable. She has a little Black Cat.

Zénon, the King of the Kingdom of the Sun, has two sons.

the eldest

the youngest

Hélios is a gentle dreamer and a scapegoat
for his older brother who never misses an opportunity to torment him.

Hélios doesn't think he'll ever take his father King Zénon's place on the throne,
as his impetuous older brother Maskero
is next in line and is also much better
than him at so many things.

Hélios' loyal little robot friend Cupidon
is there to comfort and advise him.

Every evening, Cupidon and Hélios withdraw to scrutinise the Kingdom of the Moon through a telescope. Hélios dreams of adventure...

But one day, as he is admiring
the Moon Queen's Palace,
he sees something that could turn
his life upside down...

Use the telescope to find out what Hélios sees.

He sees the beautiful Princess Roxane and instantly falls in love.


Congratulations, you found Roxane and unlocked the character cards. Discover all of the heroes of the Two Kingdoms now.
Look out for any clues that may lead you to disccover how the story continues!


Discover the technical features of Hélios' IchtyoRacer,
a machine built for speed.

One day, King Zénon sets his two sons a symbolic test to see who will inherit the throne:
an IchtyoRacers contest in the Sun Kingdom stadium for them to prove their bravery.

Use the space bar to move Hélios'IchtyoRacer.

Hélios takes the lead!
But Maskero makes an unexpected move that will change everything. He looks in trouble and is on the brink of death...

Hélios witnesses the accident and chooses to save his brother, even if it means losing his lead.
Find out what happens next in the race

After being saved by Hélios, Maskero takes the lead and ends up winning the race.

The events, which demonstrate the nobility and virtue of Hélios
but also Maskero's lack of empathy and vindictive nature, touch the King.

They become crucial in his choice for his successor,
by saving his brother's life, Hélios showed he was thoughtful and unselfish.

Having won the race,
Maskero is convinced he will inherit the throne...

Both the King and Queen, each on their own side, worry about their children's capacity to one day reign over their Kingdoms.

A few days after the race, Maskero hears that King Zénon is planning on giving the throne to his younger son, Hélios, who he considers to be more virtuous than his brother.

While his brother is not there, Maskero goes to see what he was observing.

He sees a princess who he finds pretty. He is looking at Lily, rather than Roxane.

Wrongly assuming that his brother has fallen in love with Princess Lily, Maskero decides to take revenge by kidnapping the youngest daughter of the Queen of the Night, Séléna.

"His strategy? To have his brother Hélios wrongly accused of the kidnapping
to discredit him and take back the throne."

So what is Maskero's evil plan? The story continues...

To be continued

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