“The Story of the Kingdoms of the Moon and of the Sun”: an artistic dialogue signed Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe

Since the beginning of 2016, Pierre Hermé has given free reign to an exceptional artist, Nicolas Buffe, to imagine a universe combining ancestral myths, manga culture, Renaissance and Baroque art. At the heart of this exclusive universe – two heroes: Hélios and Roxane, who come from the Kingdoms of the Sun and of the Moon, surrounded by many remarkable characters, such as Lily and her little black cat or Athanor 3 the guardian-robot. Today, their story is revealed in this interactive adventure.

The Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe collaboration is in scope though part of a tradition of having Pierre Hermé’s work dialogue with those of other artists. Whether they are painters, sculptors, musicians, perfume designers, architects, photographers, authors, graphic artists, poets or filmmakers, many artists have worked with the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris including Nicolas Vial, Soledad Bravi, Jean-Michel Duriez, Fabien Verschaere, Jean-Philippe Delhomme or Bernard Quentin.These partnerships highlight the originality of Pierre Hermé’s art and are a testament to the Maison’s profound attachment to and respect for audacity.

With “The Story of the Kingdoms of the Moon and of the Sun”, the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris presents an audacious experience, 100% digital, in coherence with the brand DNA: a deep connection to Art, transgression of established codes and a permanent quest for innovation.

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Photo Credit : Stéphane de Bourgies

About pierre hermé

Heir to four generations of Alsatian bakery and pastry-making tradition, Pierre Hermé arrived in Paris at the age of 14 to start his first apprenticeship with Gaston Lenôtre. Inspired and curious creator, Pierre Hermé has brought taste and modernity to the world of pastry, with "pleasure as his only guide". Gourmet fans all around the world can enjoy the mastery of technique, talent and creativity presented by the patissier-chocolatier as a service of pleasure. His work and his audacity have made him a pillar in French gastronomy and he was awarded the title of World’s Best Pastry Chef in June 2016 by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy.


Photo Crédit : Nicolas Datiche

About Nicolas Buffe

Born in 1978, he was part of a generation influenced by Japanese culture, developing from childhood a passion for anime, tokusatsu, Japanese manga, and video games. His studies enriched his references with classical works of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, such as the Roman de la Rose or Poliphilo’s Strife of Love in a Dream. This fusion of narrative and visual influences is characteristic of his work, which is mostly based on drawing and on the humanist idea of Serio Ludere or playing seriously.

In 2012, the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris commissioned him to design the set and costumes for Olando Paladino. Nicolas Buffe was awarded the French Critics Association prize for his pop scenography of this Haydn opera. In 2015, he co-directed Il Re Pastore and transformed Mozart’s opera into a science fiction galaxy directly inspired by Star Wars and the Final Fantasy.


Photo Crédit : Mitja Kobal

About Behind The Shadow Drops

Behind the Shadow Drops is the new solo project from Takaakira ‘Taka’ Goto, guitarist and composer of Tokyo, Japan-based Instrumental musical group MONO. Formed in 2016, the project features Goto’s first attempt in his career combining elements of Ambient, Trip Hop and other minimal musical elements, creating a Soundtrack-like dark musical world to the listeners. The debut full-length album is scheduled for worldwide release in Spring 2017.

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